Dear Future Sponsor of Fitness, Fun and Family,

"Go Play in the Street".

Do you remember when your parents told you this? Well, we took them literally and are still at it today. But, we’ve broadened our playground to swimming pools, running tracks, bike paths and hiking trails. We swim, bike and run just about anywhere we can and guess what? It’s fun!

Triathletes are everywhere in the community…your sons, daughters, doctors, lawyers, business professionals, teachers, students, mothers, fathers and consumers. We are all ages, all abilities and all levels of athleticism. We are active in civic organizations and care about the future of our town and schools. We encourage, support and push each other towards our individual fitness goals along with the broader goals of the team. Through all of this, healthy lifestyles and strong relationships are fostered …along with some pretty righteous muscles!

Please browse through the information included with this letter to see how your organization can partner with The Bitterroot Classic Triathlon™ in creating and promoting positive role models and healthy lifestyles in our community. All of the proceeds will benefit our local nonprofit organizations.

Got to Run…,

The Bitterroot Classic Triathlon™
Board of Directors