Important Bike Course Information

The bike course is an out and back over the same route. Bikers will leave the pool, go up eastside highway and east, right, on Tamany Lane past the Canyons Athletic Club. The course will turn left (North) on the first road that goes right about half way up to the main Stock Farm Gate. This road only goes left (North) and has an old Iron gate. The route will continue all the way out to the north and turn west at the T intersection. The turn around is at the lower gates all the way down at eastside highway.

Turn around at eastside highway and return back to the transition area over the same route.

Be aware that this route will be slightly more challenging that previous years. The course will drop down to the same elevation of the pool at the turn around and then back up the hill before the final decent.

Also keep in mind this is a rough country road and although it is paved it is rough and has patches that have been filled with road mix or loose, non-compacted asphalt in places.

Bike Course Map